DNA Fingerprint Men's T-shirt
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DNA Fingerprint Men's T-shirt

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Men's Melange/Grey T-shirt

They say life began in Africa. And so we all have Africa’s DNA in us. They say that every person’s DNA is different. That’s how they catch you at crime scenes. They say that every teardrop is a waterfall. Well, Coldplay’s Chris Martin said that last one - and we’re not sure we believe him. Unless of course he means that he makes a million bucks every time he writes a song about Gwyneth Paltrow breaking up with him. In which case, well done to him. South Africa included 6 colours in its new national flag when the New South Africa became a thing. People derided, saying it made us look like a ‘banana republic’. Well, we won the Rugby World Cup and then the African Cup of Nations. Madiba was President and our transition to democracy was peaceful. And all the colours of our nation jolled together on hot beach days at Clifton in Cape Town and North Beach in Durbs. And on days like these, having a quality T that shows that your DNA is African, and that your Heart Belongs In Africa is surely a very good idea. Mzansi for life..

160g 65/35 poly cotton blend

Available in Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL