Jigsaw Men's T-shirt
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Jigsaw Men's T-shirt

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Men's Olive T-shirt

Buy this T-shirt. Then take a khoki pen and draw squiggles through the maze of Africa and see if you can get from the tippy top all the way down to the tippy tip. While on your tip toes. Now try doing it tipsy. Don’t worry - it’ll wash out in the wash. Not like the print though. That’s some quality screen printing right there, cured in a furnace so hot the ink becomes part of the garment. Making you so hot right now. It’s a cool T-shirt (in a hot way) that we call Jigsaw, because living in Africa is a puzzle. Like it’s puzzling to think of where your tax money goes. Puzzling to think how we aren’t richer as a continent, considering all our natural resources. The jigsaw pattern also highlights the ‘I’ in Africa. The I that is you. The I that is me. Maybe we could’ve spelt ‘ubuntu’ with the pattern - I am because you are. Or maybe you can just add it on with your khoki pen. That’ll be easier for all of us. OK then, off you go. Add to shopping cart and then checkout. And then off to the stationary shop with you for that khoki pen…

160g 65/35 poly cotton blend

Available in Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL