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Geo Buck Men's T-shirt

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Men's Charcoal T-shirt

Get out your compass. Pull out your protractor. Set up your set square. We’re about to get geometric on yo ass. Who can remember those little silver boxes that you’d get at the start of a year at school? How you’d purposefully position your pencil inside the protractor, spinning it around with joyful glee because your algebra lesson was over. It was time for Isosceles and Pythagorus’ Theorem. And if you can’t remember that, then you didn’t get a government school education. Maybe that’s why you can afford to be shopping online. Buy this Geo Buck T, which takes everything we ever learnt about angles and applied them to the shape of this buck so that it doesn’t look too ass about face. Rather it is a thing of beauty with our electric blue print. Spin around in it and see for yourself. ZA stands for Zud Afrika. Because SA was taken. By the English probably. ZA is a Dutch thing. Like HowZit/! Buck the trend and buy this Eland in the land of the Springbok…

160g 65/35 poly cotton blend

Available in Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL