Laugh It Off
Laugh It Off

Cape Town Castle Men's T-shirt

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Cape Town Castle. It’s only fair that we tweak one more SAB design and ride out the rodeo as we did on the way to our victory in the Con Court with our black labouring brotherhood against the bullies that be. Or were up till then, when they got their comeuppance. This T’s a goodie; all good cities have their best known beer brand spoof or something of a jam, sent up with their wording in a way that says I know, I know It’s a bit of a stretch though I am still a good send up of something we love. Send me up there on the cable car, always nice up there, up above. 

160g 100% cotton. Soft as the sound that beer makes as it slides down your throat on a sticky Friday afternoon. 

Available in Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL.