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Laugh It Off

Cape Town Batman Men's T-shirt

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Mens Black T-shirt

Gotham needs a hero like windy Cape Town needs a Winde Premier… you can take that any which way you please. Maybe you miss Patricia, maybe you love Helen. Maybe you’ve climbed Lion’s Head, maybe you’ve searched for the Bat Signal on Signal Hill and found nothing but paraglider jumping off the edge of the mountain with their squirrel suits that any self-respecting Batman would sneer at surreptitiously. It doesn’t matter either way because ambiguity is the new attitude to adopt. Show how much you care by understanding both sides of the argument and not caring about who’s right. Facemasks? Vaccines? I totally agree. I love being bipolar - I can’t take it anymore. Turn your Bruce Wayne into Batman and get your ambiguous Super Hero dressing up at night in this awesome T shirt that is at once both a silhouette of the Mother City, and the Bat Signal that shows everyone who’s boss. Maybe. We don’t care…

160g 100% cotton

Available Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL