Anxiety Men's T-shirt
Laugh It Off

Anxiety Men's T-shirt

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LEGO comes from two Danish words “leg godt”, meaning “play well”. We like to think of it as coming from two English Words “Let Go”, because LEGO is super therapeutic and you can play well and still let go of your anxieties. Do you have bills to pay? Kids doing online schooling from home? In-laws living with you? Is it all getting just a little too unbearable? Let Go of your anxiety -  it’s not worth holding onto. Embrace the warm cotton feel of a Laugh it Off T shirt that helps spread the message. Build yourself up with only five body parts. You need legs, a torso, a head, and two arms. A cap is great too. Or a helmet if you’re building yourself a spaceship to get you the hell out of dodge…

Men's Melange Grey T-shirt

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