Laugh It Off
Laugh It Off

African Burst Men's T-shirt

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Men's Charcoal T-shirt

If you’re a little bit ANTsy PANTsy you might just see the ANC in this T. Well not to worry, this isn’t a politicky T. Taking advantage of a distressed print technique, one of our coolest Africa Ts revels in showcasing less ink and just a little think to get you daydreaming about where it all began in Africa. Is that Chad over there in the middle? Is it Niger? Cameroon? How well do I know Africa? How many countries are there in it and can I name all 52 States. Wait a minute, that’s ’Merica. Round here in Africa, we’ve got a state of mind. There’s no need to state the obvious. That a clunky-ass print of the outline of North America would even look good on a T. What an ugly shape. Show off your shapely shape rather in a Laugh it Off T, which fits all shapes and sizes. Burst onto the party scene with with this African Burst Men’s T…

160g 65/35 poly cotton blend

Available in Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL