Lion Neck Kids T-shirt
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Lion Neck Kids T-shirt

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Kids Choc brown T-shirt

The lion is the king of the jungle. Or is that the tiger? And do they mean concrete jungle, or the jungle in Africa? Aren’t we in Africa? Isn’t it all just savannah plains here? Remember plain Savannas? They were dry, but you could drink it. Wait, what? I’m drunk and I’m ordering stuff online! Woah, easy there tiger. Buy this lion next t-shirt and then call it a day. It’ll make some kid you want to show you care about the coolest kid in the jungle. People will want to photograph this kid and put all of it’s roars on TikTok. Using the pronoun ‘it’ because this child is no longer a boy or a girl. They’ve transformed into an animal superhero that’ll give them all the street cred they need to carry on about their day with so much swag that they won’t be disturbed at feeding time.

160g 100% cotton

Available sizes: (1-2), (2-3), (3-4), (5-6), (7-8), (9-10)