Elly Neck Kids T-shirt
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Elly Neck Kids T-shirt

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Kids Cement T-shirt

This T shirt is outrageous in its brilliance because when your child wears it, it’ll look like they have the body of an elephant with the head of a small human being. And sometimes being able to appreciate those strange juxtapositions is what makes life bearable. Picture your child in a high chair, eating Coco Pops for breakfast. The scene looks calm at first, like a watering hole before the elephants arrive. You turn your back to make school lunch and the next thing you know there’s chocolate milk spraying everywhere. You whip off your child’s bib because this isn’t your first rodeo, revealing ‘Elly Neck - the T shirt’. And as chocolate milk comes spouting out of your child’s nose you take a step back to appreciate the surreal splendor of it all: this moment that you have, just you and your child, with all this mess around you, and you wonder to yourself how you got here and where did this animal come from. And then you smile from ear to ear and your child smiles back.

160g 65/35 polycotton blend.

Available in kids sizes: (1-2), (2-3), (3-4), (5-6), (7-8), (9-10)