Flag Colours Kids T-shirt
Laugh It Off

Flag Colours Kids T-shirt

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Kids Cement T-shirt

It’s a bit of a cheek using the colours of the South African flag to paint in the whole of Africa. Come on guys. It’s not like it’s just South Africa. There’s also North, West, and East Africa. Hello?!? It’s also a bit cheeky whacking in all those animal silhouettes so cleverly shaped so that they fill the continent. Laugh it Off does cheeky well though. Our T shirts are talking points: oh look, there’s a camel up near Egypt, that’s clever! And there’s another one! Where’s that? Mozambique? Do they have camels in Mozambique? They must do. And there’s a rhino, right by the Horn of Africa. That makes sense. Springboks in Morocco and Wild Beasts in South Africa. It’s a dog eat dog continent, and what better way to show your love for it than to wear one of our proudly South African T shirts…. or buy one to show someone you love that you’ve been here. Next adventure: North Africa!

160g 65/35 poly cotton blend

Available in kids sizes: (1-2), (2-3), (3-4), (5-6), (7-8), (9-10)