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Laugh It Off

Rick Incinerate Men's T-shirt

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Men's Melange Grey T-shirt

Because we’re diehard Rick and Morty fans, here’s a tribute T of Rick for you to wear while rocking out to your favourite TV show while trying to keep up with Rick’s rapid-fire one-liners… (like the time Tammy the therapist tried to talk feelings with Rick)…
(Rick) Tammy, this is the office where my family works to better itself.
(Tammy) What, and that makes it sacred?
(Rick) No, it makes it a place I've rigged with a lot of voice-activated escape contingencies. (Clears throat) These are all good points. I need to take a long look at myself.
(Tammy) Aah! Aah! I'd like to discuss that.
(Rick) I don't discuss problems, I incinerate them. Everybody in the car. Everybody in my family, not the world. Jesus, Wong. Boundaries.”

160g 65/35 grey poly cotton blend

Available Men's sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL